About us

Atlante sas | Guide Turismo e Cultura was founded in Piacenza in 2000, by a group of people with long experience of working in the field of tourism.

Our aim is to attract attention to the rich area of Piacenza creating routes based on history and art, didactic itineraries, and food & wine tours, both in well-known areas Castell’Arquato, Grazzano Visconti, Bobbio, Veleia romana and Piacenza, and also in places not as well known to the public but just as fascinating.

In addition we create special itineraries in Parma and Cremona: tours in the Verdi country, itineraries following Don Camillo and Peppone, guided visits to the castles of Matilda of Canossa.

Although we work principally with organised groups and primary and secondary schools, we also have offers for small groups or individual travellers, not following a planned itineraries.

For further information on routes, itineraries, guided visits and special events in Piacenza, Parma and Cremona, go to the dedicated page.

Atlante sas uses only officially recognised tourist guides. Our guided visits are available in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese as well as Italian.
Discovering the cultural, artistic, oenological, gastronomic and natural heritage of the area with a tour guide helps you to understand it better, to appreciate the details, to live the experience fully so that it becomes unforgettable, even if you have only short time to spend.

We love our country, its history, its art, all the famous things produced here.
We enjoy speaking with people and explaining what is special, with enormous enthusiasm for the career we are lucky enough to have chosen.

Certainly we are all different, with our own characters and specialisations. Patrizia speaks a variety of languages and is a strange mix of of the Habsburg mentality and Sicilian roots transplanted to Piacenza twenty years ago. Donatella is the chief, a vetaran in this career and responsible for relations with the public administration, with a cordial dislike for all technological innovations.
Lorena loves working with children and has created didactic tours for primary and secondary schools; she loves history, especially historical gossip.

Among our chief collaborators are Christopher, our historian, mother-tongue English in Piacenza for over thirty years, and Camilla, creator of events.