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History, art, traditions, good food and wine: Atlante will lead you to discover the territory of Piacenza along classical, themed or food& wine itineraries. Guided visits also to Cremona, Parma and the Verdi country.

The city of Piacenza, with a history going back well over two thousand years, can be discovered along a series of themed itineraries.

The monuments, churches, squares and grand buildings tell us of the history of the city through the centuries. We discover the Middle Ages, sacred and profane, when Piacenza was an important stopping place along the via Francigena, followed by the pilgrims on their way to Rome. Then come the centuries dominated by the rule of the Farnese dynasty. Finally we come to the 19th century, marked by French and Austrian domination and then annexation to united Italy.

Not to be missed: Piazza Cavalli with the “Gotico”, the Cathedral of the Assunta, Palazzo Farnese, the Basilica of Sant’Antonino and the shrine of the Madonna di Campagna.

Also the important art collections of the Civic Museums of Palazzo Farnese and the Ricci Oddi Modern Art Gallery.

In the province of Piacenza, Vigoleno and Castell’Arquato are among the best-preserved mediaeval towns The former is characterised by its immense fortifications, the latter by its splendid profile marked by the architecture of the collegiate church, the Palazzo del Podestà and the Rocca Viscontea.

The delightful village of Grazzano Visconti, a social experiment dreamed up by the aristocrat Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone at the end of the 19th century, is a unique Italian-romantic village, with picturesque angles, frescoed houses and quaint views, where the visitor is immersed in a fairy-tale atmosphere.

The principal centre of the Trebbia valley, Bobbio is a small city owing its development to the renowned abbey founded by the Irish monk Colombanus. Places to visit include the Abbey, the humpback bridge which is the symbol of the city, and the Cathedral.

The surprising Tidone valley, with its castles and little towns and breathtaking expanses of vineyards is the ideal place o taste the DOC wines of origin of Piacenza. In September they hold the very popular Val Tidone Wine Fest.

Last but not least, let us not forget the food and wine, among the proudest boasts of this area.

Among the eighteen DOC wines, we can mention specially the white Ortrugo and the red Gutturnio, wines perfectly suited to the simple yet varied local cuisine.

It is not possibile to understand our culture and traditions fully, how much we love the “good life”, without trying the famous PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) cured meats (coppa piacentina, salame, pancetta), the cheeses (grana padano, provolone), the filled pasta (anolini in consommé, tortelli con la coda filled with ricotta and spinach) and the dishes of the peasant tradition (the legendary pisarei e fasò, little gnocchi made of bread and served with a bean sauce).

But this is not the end of the story! Atlante also organises itineraries and guided visits in Cremona, Parma and the Verdi country.

Cremona, the world centre of violin production, boasts a splendid Piazza Comunale, a real drawing room of the city, with the famous Cathedral, sometimes called the “Sistine Chapel of the north”, the Baptistery and the City Hall, housing the precious civic collection of stringed instruments (violins by Amati, Stradivari e Guarnieri del Gesù). Visits to the violin workshops.

In Parma, the magnificent small capital of the Farnese duchy, you should not miss the Cathedral, frescoed by Correggio, the celebrated Baptistery planned by Benedetto Antelami, the Palazzo della Pilotta with the amazing Farnese Theatre.

Visits to see the production of Parma ham and Parmigiano cheese.

The land of Giuseppe Verdi, in the low-lying plain of the Bassa, takes us to Roncole, Busseto and the Villa Sant’Agata, to discover the “character” of the great Maestro.

Atlante also gives you the opportunity to create personal itineraries, full- or half-day, according to the wishes and interests of the group.

COST half day (generally 1 locality)

120 euro per group up to 15 people + 2 euro for each extra person

e.g. 30 people pay 150 euro

COST full day (generally 2 localities)

180 euro per group up to 15 people + 3 euro for each extra person

e.g. 30 people pay 225 euro

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