Piacenza and its province are the ideal destination for a school trip: the rich historic past and artistic heritage offer innumerabile possibilities for both primary and secondary schools.
This territory “on a human scale” with unique tourist attractions, visited with interesting and enthusiastic guides or playing with our didactic activities becomes a day the pupils will never forget, enjoyable and educational at the same time.


A Roman, mediaeval, Renaissance and 19th-century city, Piacenza offers extremely varied possibilities.
Not to be missed: the Piazza Cavalli and the Cathedral.

A real social experiment, the village was the dream of Count Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone, who had it built at the end of the 19th century in mediaeval style. This is a journey back in time, meeting real and imaginary characters, such as the ghost Aloisa. Possibility of visiting the Park surrounding the Castle of Grazzano Visconti, with centuries-old trees, a small labyrinth and the children’s play house.

The abbey of San Colombano, cultural hub of mediaeval Europe, has become a symbol of the city, together with the famed Humpback Bridge.

An ancient Roman Municipium that preserves the original paving of the Forum, and the remains of houses and baths.

This hill town dominates the Arda Valley with its towers. The Piazza Alta is magnificent.

A mediaeval village still surrounded by massive walls, Inside is the lovely church of San Giorgio.

Atlante guide turistiche, visite guidate a Parma, Duomo e Battistero, Palazzo della Pilotta

The small but magnificent capital of the Farnese duchy, with its Cathedral frescoed by Correggio, the celebrated Baptistery of San Giovanni designed by Benedetto Antelami, the Pilotta with the extraordinary Teatro Farnese, majestic Piazza Garibaldi.

Atlante guide turistiche, visite guidate a Piacenza, Parma e Cremona

The Verdi country: The homeland of Giuseppe Verdi between Roncole, Busseto and Villa Sant’Agata, discovering the “character” of the great Maestro.

Atlante guide turistiche, visite guidate a Cremona

The splendid Piazza Comunale, really the drawing room of the city, with the famous Cathedral, also known as the “Sistine Chapel of the north”, the Baptistery and the Palazzo del Comune where the precious collection of historic violins is kept.

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Guercino per le Scuole: Language Lab

In occasione dell’anno del Guercino a Piacenza (da marzo a giugno), Atlante propone visite guidate: in Mostra a Palazzo Farnese, alla Cupola della Cattedrale e un Itinerario Guerciniano appositamente pensato per le scuole secondarie inferiori e superiori; si trattata di LANGUAGE LAB, disponibile in inglese, fancese, tedesco, spagnolo e portoghese
La visita/laboratorio della durata di 2 ore circa avrà come scopo non solo la conoscenza del territorio che vede la presenza di un grande artista del XVII secolo, ma testare la capacità di comprensione della lingua straniera studiata in classe

I professionisti che guideranno i ragazzi, vantano anni di esperienza e sapranno calibrare il linguaggio a seconda del livello di comprensione della Classe

I Language Lab possono essere prenotati anche da Unitre, Associazioni Culturali e Cral che desiderassero farlo

I Costi

per gruppi fino a 15 ragazzi 120 euro
per ogni ragazzo oltre i 15 2 euro cad
Gruppo di massimo 30 ragazzi

I gruppi che prenotano il laboratorio per una data del mese di Marzo, avranno uno sconto del 10% sulla tariffa base, non più 120 ma 108 euro fino a 15 ragazzi

Clothes, symbols and itineraries in Grazzano Visconti or Piacenza.
Visit of the place chosen, includine a religious building, the mediaeval piazza /platea, the merchants’ portico. Afterwards the class divides into two groups, the “Pilgrim” and the “Lady”, which compete against each other regarding the themes discussed during the visit (places of worship and pilgrim routes, the importance of the merchant class during the Middle Ages, the symbols of civic power). Each correct answer gains the group an article of clothing characteristic of the pilgrim or the lady and the winner is the group that dresses its model first.

COST: 9 euro each, min 15 max 35 pupils

Visit the excavations of the little municipium talking about everyday life: the Baths, a Domus, what went on in the Forum. During the visit the didactic activity is developed, as the Roman family gets dressed and celebrates a traditional republican wedding, the children play with walnuts and use wax tablets for a maths competition.

COST: 9 euro each min 15 max 35 pupils


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