Guided tour of Verdi’s homeland
28 December 2011
Classic Parma
28 December 2011

The World of Music: Cremona and Busseto

This itinerary winds across the plain in the territory of Parma to the city of Cremona, passing from the music of Giuseppe Verdi to the violins of Stradivari.
We visit the centre of Cremona where the celebrated Torrazzo towers beside the Cathedral. Entry to the Cathedral, nicknamed the “Sistine of the North” because of all its frescoes. We then go to the Stringed Instruments Museum in the Palazzo Comunale. Strolling along the streets of this city, between the old palazzi, we come across historic shops where we can purchase torrone (nougat), mostarda (fruits preserved in mustard) and chocolate violins.
Transfer for a typical lunch in the countryside of the bassa parmense.
In the afternoon our tour takes us to the places where Giuseppe Verdi was born and grew up, and where he then returned to live: Roncole Verdi with the birthplace, Busseto and the Teatro Verdi.


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