Giovanni Antonio Sacchi called IL PORDENONE (Pordenone 1484-Ferrara 1539)

was considered by his contemporaries a great innovator, a  pictor modernus (modern painter) and today he is recognized among the great italian masters of  the XVI th century.

You will be able to book an itinerary based on the painter Pordenone, discovering some of his most representative masterpieces scattered between Piacenza and its outskirts.

After having accomplished the work in Cremona, our painter is called, between 1528-29 from the Pallavicino family, marquises of Cortemaggiore (Piacenza) in order to paint with frescoes the vault and the walls of the family burial chapel in the Church of  the Annunziata: God is flying down from the sky, leaning on a big cloud supported by some putti, while on the walls false niches hardly contain the exuberant Origen, Solomon and Cyril… they all wrote exalting Mary’s name; the result was extraordinary and so outstanding that within a short time he was involved in the great work of Madonna di Campagna Church in Piacenza; the magnificent Cupola with the profets that announce the Virgin Mary and the two side chapels of the Magi Kings and Saint Catherine will be frescoed at the beginning of the fourth decade of  ‘500, transforming the city Sanctuary in a real art jewel box.

The itinerary about Pordenone can be done in a half day or in a whole day; it is possible to complete the tour with the visit of the Cathedral in Cremona where Podenone leaves his most famous work.


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